Thermoformed Tray

Made of ESD Plastics.

La charola termoformada de plástico ESD es ideal para la protección de PCB´s cuando se requiere un alto volumen de charolas y un menor costo comparada con las de EVA

Its main advantages are its long lifespan, its durability, and its low cost.
This type of trays requires a tooling or mold that is manufactured internally by us, which allows us to achieve faster sample development and shorter delivery times.

  • -Gauges from 40 to 200. Materials: High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), ABS, HDPE, polypropylene, PET.
  • 100% volumetric ESD material (except PET).
  • Electrical resistance. Conductive (1×10^1-1×10^5) or dissipative (1×10^6-1×10^9).
  • We manufacture our own tooling (molds). Maximum dimensions: 120*120 cms


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